Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who is Ms. Green?

Well, it's been a busy holiday season and I, for one, am glad it's almost over. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and the whole holiday season! But, it's kinda like when you eat too much of something you really love; you don't want to see it again for a while!
Over the last few weeks I have been doing some serious thinking and planning....where do I want all of this to take me? How do I make an actual impact? And, who is going to care? What I decided was this: Although I LOVE vintage, I also LOVE raw and salvaged materials, I also LOVE the EARTH! I want my children - and their children to come - to grow up on a beautiful - not wasted - planet. I decided to put the emphasis on being "green". This is why I changed my name to Ms. Green Designs. Of course one of my main focuses is still vintage furniture (because I LOVE it and because keeping old peices out of the dump is a good thing), but I will also be showing you and talking about some of my designs from recylced materials or eco-friendly materials. Let me show you some things I have been working on lately:

Reclaimed board/vintage hardware turned into "Beach" sign/hanger

Dessert Tray made from vintage chrystal plates and stemware

Remember the "German Ladies"? They got a "Shabby Chic" makeover

And, Lastly, I got what I wanted from Santa this year - a Baby Lock "Grace" sewing machine - and I am working on this recycled sweater blanket! (This is just a few of the peices I have sewn together)

Be sure to check out what comes next from "Ms. Green Designs"!

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