Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to my FIRST BLOG POST!

Hello everyone, I am so glad you chose to check out my new Blog!
First off, I just have to say that I am not a professional "writer". I may have slept though half of high school english - or skipped it entirely! I have recently finished a university english course and I have to say I learned a lot, but mostly that I suck at punctuation. I did pass the course (and I got an A on my final paper) but that is because I got to sit in front of my paper and edit it for weeks before submitting it. On my blog, that is not the case... SO, if you notice that I am really clueless about where I place my commas and notice that I use a semi-colon when I should have used a colon, please forgive me, and I hope my content will be engaging enough that maybe no one will notice! LOL!


  1. You could always hire an editor... ;)

  2. Your page looks beautiful! LOVE the birds! ;) Cant wait to see and hear more about your projects! You are SO talented! Thank you for keeping me inspired to create!
    PS...I suck at punctuation also so you are in good company!...and Im the worst speller in the world!