Thursday, October 27, 2011

Works in Progress

So, I am really excited that I have almost completed a number of projects that I have had on the go. I made my husband a promise that I wouldn't take on any new projects until I have completed and found homes for my current projects. This is SO HARD for me to do! I love to go to estate sales and thrift stores, scour Kijiji and Craigslist for that super vintage chair, table, or frame that I just KNOW I can do something really cool with! I get really excited over little things like buttons ( I am currently working on a vintage button display in the coolest old patinaed frame). I spend a lot of time imagining different ways to use different materials like vintage lace or textiles. I come up with so many ideas and I feel like I just HAVE to get started RIGHT NOW! I can not fall asleep very easily these days either; I am like a kid at Christmas, but it is not the sugar plum faries dancing in my is the  colors and patterns of upholstery fabric and the colors of paint in distress or high gloss glory. But, alas, I must FOCUS! Work on one thing until I get it done! Not five things all neck and neck racing for the finish line. Well, I managed to finish polishing up a cool silver vintage tray that I had upcycled by painting the tray surface with chalkboard paint and I listed that baby on my Etsy shop today! Please take a boo (like my halloween humor ; )
Soon to be posted are the retro diner chair and the retro chrome.
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